Welcome to the COVID-19 experience project at Copenhagen Business School

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About the project

As of March 11th 2020, Copenhagen Business School campus closed down and moved all teaching to online platforms. This was of course a huge challenge for teachers who, without notice, had to familiarize themselves with new technical tools and to redesign learning activities accordingly.

Teaching challenges continued the next semesters. In fall, 2020, the university chose to have 50% online teaching, ending in 100% online exams during the second wave of Covid-19 in Denmark around December-January. In spring 2021, the teaching was 100% online again, and although planned since January, and a higher level of digital skills, it was again an exercise for teachers to be enforced to use digital tools to all kind of interaction with the students.

Although the COVID-19 lock down has been a challenging and hopefully unique case, it is a relevant opportunity for learning about online teaching and learning and CBS should make sure to evaluate the activities from spring in the light of future strategies for blended learning.

Technical reports